Chinese Super League GW6 full recap

Posted on 18-04-2017 by FCInsider – written by Hans Dekker

The 6th round of the Chinese Super League was one full is spectacle. Guangzhou R&F had to do without Renatinho in their difficult away fixture against Jiangsu Suning, but Eran Zahavi showed once again just how important he is for the current #1.

Guangzhou Evergrande pulled off a miraculous 10-men escape at home against Liaoning, while Shandong Luneng will be dissapointed by failing to win. Another team that will be left dissapointed is Hebei CF, who never stood a chance in what had promised to be a close match against Shanghai SIPG.

And surprise of the season so far is Tianjin Quanjian. The team of former World Champion Fabio Cannavaro are on a 5 match unbeaten streak in their debut season in the Chinese Super League.


42′ Sun Ke 0-1
82′ Li Lei 1-1

Attendance: 30.042

Beijing Guoan: Yang Zhi, Yu Yang, Jiang Tao, Jin Pengxiang, Renato Augusto (Song Boxuan 77′), Ralf, Zhang Xizhe, Li Lei, Tang Shi (Yu Dabao 28′), J. Soriano, Zhang Chiming (Jin Taiyan 72′)

Tianjin Quanjian: Zhang Lu, Yang Shanping, Liu Yiming, Mi Haolun, Zhang Cheng, A. Witsel, Wang Jie (Zhao Xuri 52′), Geuvanion (Zheng Dalun 90′), Zhang Xiuwei, Alexandre Pato, Sun Ke (Li Xingcan 91′)

Chinese Super League

Newcomers on five game unbeaten streak
Many had predicted Fabio Cannavaro’s Tianjian Quanjian would get along just fine in the Chinese Super League, but very few will have predicted just how well they are doing right now. Without a loss in their last 5 games, including fixtures against Shanghai SIPG and this weeks away game in Beijing, the second Tianjin side are now sitting in a comfortable 8th place.

Beijing Guoan who had to do without the injurd Burak Yilmaz will be left frustrated after 6 games in the Chinese Super League. Their side was predicted to be a challenger for the Champions League spots, but with just 8 points out of their first 6 games there is definitely still room for improvement.

Jonathan Soriano finally had his debut in the Chinese Super League but admitted after the game that he still needed time to adapt to his new surroundings, and mainly coach Gonzales his style of play.


69′ A. Lukimya (P) 0-1
74′ Gao Lin (Huang Bowen) 1-1
81′ Ricardo Goulart (P) 2-1

Attendance: 35.693

Guangzhou Evergrande: Zeng Cheng, Zhang Linpeng, Mei Fang, Chen Zepeng (Zhang Chenglin 42′), Zheng Zhi, Yu Hanchao (Zhang Wenzhao 64′), Paulinho, Wang Shangyuan, Gao Lin, Alan (Huang Bowen 71′), Ricardo Goulart

Liaoning Whowin Zhang Zhenqiang, A. Lukimya, Liu Shangkun, J. Holland, Zhang Ye (Yang Yu 57′), Ni Yusong (Wang Liang 74′), Lu Wei, R. Kruse, Yang Xu, Wang Hao, Sun Zhaoliang (Hu Yangqiang 19′)

Chinese Super League

10-men Evergrande able to turn it around
When Evergrande went down 1 man and Liaoning Whowin surprisingly took the lead just 20 minutes before the end of the game, it looked like the biggest upset of this seasons Chinese Super League was in the making. But with a quick turnaround the reigning champions managed to keep all three points.

It is a trend that seems to be developing for Scolari his men, where a wake up call seems necessary for them to perform. We are seeing two sides of Evergrande this season: the team that takes the lead early and then strolls to victory, or the team that doesn’t find the net early and gets into trouble later on. With this many overperforming teams and challengers for the title it is a problem that needs fixing by Felipe Scolari, if he wants to stay in the title race.


20′ Lu Wenjun (Cai Huikang) 1-0
26′ Wu Lei (He Guan) 2-0
67′ Oscar (P) 3-0

Attendance: 26.896

Shanghai SIPG: Yan Junling, Shi Ke, Wang Shenchao, Zhang Wei, He Guan, Zhang Huachen (Cai Huikang 16′), O. Akhmedov, Oscar, Wu Lei (Lin Chuangyi 90′), Lu Wenjun (Yu Hai 81′), Hulk

Hebei CF: Yang Cheng, Zhao Mingjian, Ren Hang (Jin Yangyang 82′), Zhao Yuhao (Luo Senwen 46′), Gao Zhunyi, Hernanes (Zhu Haiwei 68′), Zhang Chengdong, Yin Hongbo, Aloisio, E. Lavezzi, Dong Xuesheng

Chinese Super League

Another dissapointing performance for Pellegrini
One of the most anticipated fixtures for this round of the Chinese Super League saw just one team performing to their abilities. With a very comfortable 3-0 victory Shanghai SIPG will be pleased to get past this hurdle so easily, and will shift their focus to their upcoming Champions League game.

Manuel Pellegrini on the other hand will be starting to feel the pressure after another dissapointing performance by Hebei. After seemingly being the most succesful team on the transfermarket and with the return of Lavezzi more is to be expected from Hebei. And despite this being their first loss in 6 games, with just 9 points in those games Pellegrini will certainly be looking for a change.


35′ Alex Teixeira (Cao Haiqing) 1-0
62′ E. Zahavi (Lu Lin) 1-1
77′ E. Zahavi (Jiang Zhipeng)

Attendance: –

Jiangsu Suning: Zhang Sipeng, Yang Boyu, Jeong-Ho Hong (Zhou Yun 46′), Cao Haiqing, Li Ang, Ramires, Liu Jianye (Ge Wei 79′), Wu Xi, Tao Yuan, Gao Tianyi (Ji Xiang 24′), Alex Teixeira

Guangzhou R&F: Cheng Yuelei, Jiang Jihong, Tang Miao, Jiang Zhipeng, Yi Teng, Huang Zhengyu, Lu Lin, E. Zahavi, Junior Urso (Chen Zhizhao 46′), Li Tixiang (Xiao Zhi 46′), A. Giannou (Xiang Baixu 92′)

Chinese Super League

More trouble for Jiangsu Suning
Calling Jiangsu Suning underperforming would be an understatement. Last seasons runner-up in the Chinese Super League are currently sitting in last place and are yet to win a game this year. Despite the boards recent vote of confidence for coach Choi Yong-soo, the Korean’s departure seems almost inevitable. What is probably saving Yong-soo from being send away already are the Champions League results.

Guangzhou R&F on the other hand will be very thankful to their current coach Stojkovic. After signing with the club halfway trough the last season the second Guangzhou side have gone from relegation candidates to top of the league, and it seems this season they can really challenge for the Champions League tickets.

With yet another brace Eran Zahavi is without any doubt the most important man on the pitch for Guangzhou right now. Having to do without Renatinho, who went back to Brazil for the birth of his child, Zahavi stood up once more to turn things around for the R&F.


58′ Qiu Tianyi (Mirahmetjan Muzepper) 1-0
62′ Hu Rentian 2-0
72′ B. Ideye 3-0
84′ B. Trawally (P) 3-1

Attendance: 12.566

Tianjin Yili: Du Jia, Mirahmetjan Muzepper, Qiu Tianyi, Bai Yuefeng, Pang Ximing, N. Gudelj, Hu Rentian (Wang Dong 82′), Guo Hao, Hui Jiakang, B. Ideye (Li Yuanyi 77′), Yang Liyu (M. Diagne 11′)

Yanbian Funde Chi Wenyi, Jiang Weipeng, Wu Yongchun (Jin Bo 46′), Piao Shihao (Li Hao 88′), Pei Yuwen, Han Qingsong, Yoon Bit-Garam, Chi Zhongguo, Tian Yinong, Yin Changji (Kim Seung-Dai 9′), B. Trawally

Chinese Super League

Comfortable victory for Tianjin Yili
While the home side still had to do without their captain John Obi Mikel, the visitors from Yanbian might have been confident they could get away with a result in this one. After finding the net for the first time last week, and nearly getting the equalizer too against Hebei, Yanbian fans will have had hopes for some kind of a turnaround.

Up untill the half-time mark things did seem fairly equal on the pitch, and a draw seemed in the making. But with 3 quick goals in just under 15 minutes the home side quickly ran out to a comfortable 3-0 lead. And despite Yanbian picking up their second, and striker Trawally his first goal of this seasons Chinese Super League, the home side never got into too much trouble after that.


14′ F. Guarin (Cao Yunding) 0-1
37′ O. Martins (Bai Jiajun) 0-2

Attendance: 22.863

Guizhou Zhicheng: Su Boyang, R. McGowan, Han Pengfei, Liu Hao, T. Chery, Baise Festus, Li Yingjian (Pang Zhiquan 88′), Fan Yunlong (Liang Xueming 73′), Yang Ting, Zhang Mengqi (Wang Jun 46′), M. Olunga

Shanghai Shenhua: Li Shuai, Li Jianbin, Tao Jin, Wang Lin, Bai Jiajun, G. Moreno, F. Guarin, Cao Yunding (Wang Shouting 87′), Sun Shilin, Xu Junmin (Mao Jiangqing 24′), O. Martins

Chinese Super League

Important win for Shanghai Shenhua
Still without the injured Carlos Tevez, Shanghai Shenhua had to travel to Guizhou for what looked to be difficult away fixture. While Guizhou Zhicheng are still without a win this season, they certainly have proven themselves to be a difficult side to beat with 3 draws in their first 6 matches.

Shanghai Shenhua are having a bit of a rollercoaster ride this season but can be pleased to find themselves back in 6th place, just 4 points behind Shandong Luneng and the much wanted top 4. Both sides where planned to meet coming week in the Chinese Super League, but because of the fire that took place in the Shanghai Shenhua stadium the CFA has decided to postpone the match untill September.

A decision that is very unfortunate for the fans, looking at both teams their position in the league right now.


71′ Tan Long (S. Huszti) 1-0

Attendance: 11.396

Changchun Yatai: Wu Yake, A. Ismailov, Fan Xiaodong, Sun Jie (Yu Rui 87′), Pei Shuai (Du Zhenyu 65′), S. Huszti, Zhang Xiaofei, Tan Long, Jiang Zhe, He Chao (Zhang Li 77′), Marinho

Henan Jianye: Wu Yan, Gu Cao (Yang Changpeng 58′), Eddi Gomes, Long Cheng, Liu Heng (Du Changjie 82′), B. Dockal, Yang Kuo, Zhong Jinbao, Ablet Abduwal (Ke Zhao 64′), C. Bassogog, Hu Jinghang

Chinese Super League

First win of the year for Changchun Yatai
In their 3rd consecutive home match Changchun Yatai, after coming very close twice, finally managed to get their first win in this years Chinese Super League. Without the injured Odion Ighalo the home side managed to keep all three points in a dull game.

Despite both teams desperate for a win the match never got going in Changchun. With an almost empty stadium and a lacking performance by both sides this games only highlight came after 71 minutes, with Tan Long finding the net with 1 of a total of 2 shots on target this entire match.


28′ Fernandinho 0-1
82′ G. Pelle (Zhang Chi) 1-1

Attendance: 27.521

Shandong Luneng: Wang Dalei, Dai Lin, Gil, Li Songyi, Wang Tong (Zhang Chi 80′), Liu Yang (Cheng Yuan 91′), Hao Junmin, Jin Jingdao (Liu BinBin 53′), Wu Xinghan, G. Pelle, P. Cisse

Chongqing Lifan: Deng Xiaofei, Liu Yu, Chen Lei, G. Milovic, Liu Huan, Peng Xinli (Cui Yongzhe 86′), Ding Jie (Zheng Tao 67′), Wu Qing, Nan Song (Wang Weicheng 67′), Alan Kardec, Fernandinho

Chinese Super League

No three points for Shandong despite Pelle’s first goal
While Graziano Pelle found the net for the first time in this years Chinese Super League, Felix Magath and his men will be dissapointed not having won this match. Luneng now have to share the second place with Evergrande and SIPG, with all three teams having 13 points out of their first 6 matches.

After going behind before the 30 minute mark in the game, Shandong Luneng where struggling to get back despite dominating possesion. Felix Magath will be thankful for Graziono Pelle’s first goal this year, saving Luneng from their second loss in this years Chinese Super League.

Lifan will be feeling they could have done more to secure their 3rd consecutive victory, but can be pleased with their overall performance so far this year.

Next round

28-04-2017 (Fri)
Guangzhou R&F vs Guizhou Zhicheng

29-04-2017 (Sat)
Liaoning Whowin vs Beijing Guoan
Yanbian Funde vs Changchun Yatai
Tianjin Quanjian vs Jiangsu Suning
Hebei CF vs Tianjin Yili
Henan Jianye vs Guangzhou Evergrande

30-04-2017 (Sun)
Chongqing Lifan vs Shanghai SIPG
Shanghai Shenhua postp. Shandong Luneng


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